BDA Research Methodology

Identifying the right firm to recruit by tracking business services providers in a particular market and confirming their truthfulness.

Focused on our industry analysis, we rate service providers and chart them on a Leaders Matrix. A BDA Leaders Matrix gives you a bird's-eye overview of the best-performing businesses in a given market or location.

Service providers can also opt to engage in validation, which is a secondary, premium service. BDA-confirmed businesses have undergone our authentication phase, and their profiles are marked with a verified icon.

What Is a BDA Leaders Matrix, and How Can I Use It?

To begin your quest, use a BDA Leaders Matrix. It's the initial leap towards locating potential business service providers.

Customer ratings, prior employment, market position, and expertise in a given service are used to assess each organization highlighted in the Leaders Matrix.

Despite the fact that the BDA Leaders Matrix identifies industry experts, these firms might not be the ideal fit for your company. Take into account established, specialized, and emerging leaders. Note that the service provider with the following qualifications is the right one for you:

  • Expertise in the programs you require.
  • Proven track record in delivering assignments for former customers.
  • Contact and task administration styles that reinforce each other.

When choosing a service provider, place and expenditure are both crucial factors to remember.

What Is a BDA Leaders Matrix and How Does It Work?

The 'Efforts to Implement' and 'Emphasis' of an organization are considered in each Leaders Matrix.

Customer ratings, prior work, industry position, and coveted distinctions all go into the corporation's capacity to achieve. A business's skill set in a given service is referred to as its emphasis.

Leaders Matrices are dynamic diagrams that display which businesses fit into four categories:

  • Market Leaders
  • Proven Leaders
  • Niche Leaders
  • Emerging Leaders
Quadrant What Does Each Quadrant Mean?
Market Leaders Biggest willingness to execute, intense emphasis on the required quality, and positive customer reviews.
Proven Leaders Good delivery capacity, limited dependency on the requested program, and positive customer reviews.
Niche Leaders Fair willingness to execute, intense emphasis on the requested service, and positive customer reviews.
Emerging Leaders Medium delivery capacity, low emphasis on preferred service, and glowing reviews from customers.

FAQ: Leaders Matrix

The Potential to Execute ranking is based on three factors:

  • Consumer testimonials and feedback
  • Expertise in the workplace
  • Honors and business penetration

Yes, indeed.

A business's Potential to Provide rating is based on the quantity, frequency, and consistency of customer feedback.

On the telephone or by filling out a comprehensive survey questionnaire.

Review a Business

We look at the following:

Clientele category and effective Case studies are used by the enterprise to show its expertise in various fields such as programs, facilities, and markets.

Six major standards are used:

  1. Marketing Strategies: Is the business's web presence transparent and competent?
  2. Credibility: Does the business have an excellent name in its field?
  3. Geospatial Presence: Where does the organization have a physical presence?
  4. Awards: Has the business earned any honors?
  5. Stature on social networking sites: Is there a social media exposure for the business?
  6. Governance in Knowledge: Is the organization making an attempt to evolve in its field?

The Performance score of a business is based on the programs, or strategic objectives, that the business provides. On the BDA account of each business, these services are depicted as service lines.


The top 15 businesses in the Leaders Matrix are projected to be Industry Leaders in competitive environment with several firms mentioned.

Yes, indeed.

It is feasible for an organization to feature in the Leaders Matrix for and service if it has a good Capability to Provide rating and performs in two or three major services. Nevertheless, this is an infrequent situation.

Pick a category from our service categories. Whereupon choose 'BDA Leaders Matrix' at the top of the screen.

BDA Verification Services

BDA authentication brings another degree of confidence to the knowledge we offer our customers who are investigating the right service providers to recruit.

What are the steps in our validation procedure?

BDA Experts collect corporate registration documents after a corporation becomes a premium account or sponsor to ensure their body corporate is licensed and operational. Every state's Secretary of State Portal and a supplementary statutory certification from the corporation are used to validate registration.

The foregoing is some of the details we authenticate:

  • Name of the company
  • Status (active/inactive)
  • Modified jurisdiction
  • Day of enterprise establishment
  • ID number

The BDA credit search is also part of the authentication phase. Info on payments and regulatory records are gathered by buyer credit rating services to ensure that a business is in due diligence and has no major credit issues. Upon collecting credit details from varied sources, our collaborators for this credit implementation phase, BDA will update a business's validation standard if necessary. The service provider is not required to sort out this procedure.

Credit Approval Collaborates

For each supported business with a US headquarters, Experian provides comprehensive data:

  • Filing for bankruptcy
  • The total number of liens is
  • Count your judgments.
  • The quantity of funds collected

If the information meets our credit criteria, it will be shown on the BDA database.

For sponsor businesses listed outside of the United States, CreditSafe offers the corresponding information:

  • Global Score (A-E): low-risk business receives an A, while a high-risk business receives an E.
  • Creditworthiness (1-100): A streamlined rating that enables businesses to get enrolled in multiple nations to compare credit risk.

This detail is not reflected on the BDA account, but it is used to help BDA determine its global credit risk. The result of the appraisal is shown on the page.

What Are the Various Stages of Authentication?

We offer three degrees of assurance:

  • Level - I
  • Level - II
  • Level - III

Thresholds of Verification for U.S. Businesses

Tiers of Verification for Businesses outside the U.S.

  • Level – I A+++
  • Level – II A++
  • Level – III A+

The Terms of Service for Validation applies. BDA will not support any of the businesses listed on their site, even those that have been checked. BDA Experts decide on the state and extent of confirmation.

Frequently Asked Questions: Verification

Employ our verification data to complement your analysis to determine if a vendor on BDA is licensed, operational, and reliable when searching for a service provider.

Bear in mind that, as a potential customer, we encourage you to make selection choices based on your own judgment and analysis. We do not support any business, even verified businesses on our website.

Data is gathered from a variety of sources depending on the position of the business in concern.

Yes, a BDA Consultant will decide whether or not an organization satisfies the criteria of an open-source screening process that ensures there is no reliable and relevant derogatory material.

An organization is ineligible if it:

  • Bankruptcy petition filed
  • Has a status as being a dormant company?
  • Has a credit score with substantial off-putting marks
  • Hasn't passed the open-source credit check criteria
  • Has fabricated feedback

The Global Credit Risk Assessment ranking of an organization is based on three factors:

  • Chances of a company going bankrupt
  • The probability that a company's payment record would become severely overdue, described as 90 days or more past due.
  • The firm has a record of debt collection.

BDA authentication provides further dimension of credibility to a business's BDA account, which it can convey to its audiences. Prospective customers and potential customers can verify that a company is operational and free of negative credit marks. We believe that the more details a prospective customer will learn about a company on BDA, the more likely they are to contact the company.

To be considered, you must have either a Premium or Sponsored Account.

No, the degree of validation is unrelated to the degree of sponsorship. Sponsorship at the level of ‘Ruby', for instance, does not imply Ruby Verification privilege.

Authentication is an add-on to BDA's Premium Account and Sponsored services.