Tried & Tested Marketing Strategy

Tried & Tested Marketing Strategy

It’s great you have launched your business successfully and engaged in planning to promote it but are on the fence as if what strategies to implement. Well, in this fierce digital era, the implementation of a digital marketing strategy stands to reason. Well before implementing the strategy, the first step you need to most importantly to set your business goals. The next step entails you to resolve the type of mediums of the internet marketing strategy. If you are not sure what mediums will prove best in raising the brand awareness or visibility of your business, then we are here to cut the Gordian’s knot for you.

A point worth noting is that not every internet marketing strategy medium will work wonders for your business and if there are others, they are very likely to consume extensive resources either in form of finance or teamwork or hours to implement.

Here are 4 proven internet marketing strategy mediums to help enhance your brand awareness:

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

With the passage of time, SEM is increasingly attaining prominence than ever before. SEM is one of the cardinal parts of the widespread and proven technique of SEO. Whilst SEO is not the complete solution, if implemented the right way, it can deliver world-class and long-lasting organic results. Conversely, if not implemented the right way, it can adversely affect the repute of your website. Remember, there is a no short-cut formula to get a website with enhanced ranking overnight but, in fact it is a time-consuming and ongoing process when it comes to achieving firm brand awareness.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is another time-consuming and competitive process when it comes to delivering the desired results, but it can be relatively cost-effective compared to a variety of other strategies, for example, paid search advertising. The target customers of a business are typically searching for your products and services. At this point, content marketing serves as a handy tool, as it helps in ensuring what your target customers are looking for and how smoothly they can find it.

In general, the point worth factoring in essentially is that 3 to 5 pages do not exercise a hopeful influence on target customers or create brand awareness among them. The time is very critical and competitive today, and therefore it goes without saying that there is a need for recurrent yet solid content. This type of content will fortify your SEO strategy as well as enhance your business visibility on search engines ranking pages or SERPs.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

SMM or Social media marketing has become greatly diversified today and with this in mind, it is quite challenging for many to choose the right or the best one that can help them in ensuring an enhanced brand awareness of their business. As a result of its efficiency to approach the target audience, SMM is increasingly and fast attaining prominence among many brands and they are fundamentally including it in their business marketing strategies. As trusted result, brands are now able to promote their business and engage with their customers on a variety of SMM platforms in an improved way.

Well, now the question arises as if what social media platform should you choose and use? Well, if you aim for parading your product portfolio, then undoubtedly Instagram and Pinterest are just the ticket. On the other hand, however, if you are looking to increase the awareness of your products and/or services to other businesses, then choosing LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ will best fit your business.

Email Marketing

Email marketing still is in trend and in fact is gaining grounds; after all, it is able to attract new leads and deal with existing clients. Email marketing is not only expressly limited to sending messages to the individuals listed in your CRM. It basically utilizes drip marketing techniques largely described as a direct sales tactic including scheduling promotional and educational messages with explicit ‘call-to-actions’. Email marketing is a campaign that comes about over a period of time, thus augmenting your brand awareness and integrity.

Topping off

Brand awareness is typically discounted when it comes to garnering new sales or leads. Using an amalgamation of relevant online marketing channels will broadcast your brand widely. An online marketing approach should be the basis of your brand.

Once you have set your business goals, it is essential to resolve which channels you have rendered with resources and skills to carry out. Choosing the proper online channels (that will be a foil for others) enables a more centered and influential impact.

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