Factors that make your social media marketing campaign successful

Factors that make your social media marketing campaign successful

Social media marketing is an all-encompassing term that is batted around the Internet these days in a very willy-nilly fashion. Social Media marking is the act of marketing to the social landscape. There is no denying that the social landscape has a huge impact on the buying trends of the consumers. With the majority of people going online to search for user-generated reviews and recommendations (as well as warnings),having a strong and positive presence on social site is a way of engaging your target market in a familiar environment.

Social Media Optimization is a process of streamlining your websites content for portability. We, as marketers, have raised the expectations when it comes to internet marketing. It is used to be a successful campaign entailed heaving a prospect visit your site, convert (buy something or submit a lead) and then leave. Since then, agencies have changed the game and now are optimizing our websites for social engagement. When we optimize our sites for social media, we want to have that same targeted visitor come to the site, convert, and then go and tell 10 people about our site so they come and convert.

Social media marketing, optimization and internet marketing companies exist to help their businesses connect with their target market online. If a business is only targeting their offline users, they are ignoring a growing population of online consumers. Adding internet marketing to you advertising mix will provide you with a holistic and even approach to consumer marketing that will make sure you target your entire prospect base and convert prospects to customers at a reasonable cost.

There are lots of "gurus" who claim to know their stuff and can show you the Promised Land on how to make a mountain of profits with zero advertising costs by using their social media marketing techniques or their social marketing tactics.

Unfortunately, most of these "gurus" show you neither proof nor any pictures or video evidence of campaigns they've run in the social media space which successfully made these millions and millions of dollars they claim you'll make by using their process.

It's a big bad world out there and you have got to consider the source of who you are going to take advice and training from.

The simple rule we use is for anyone to give advice they have to have achieved what they want to achieve already. This way we know they know their stuff and by following them, we should get similar results to what they have already achieved.

All too often on the Internet though it is easy to get hyped up and excited by a sales message and just act on that impulse to buy. This can get you in trouble though.

Whenever you are looking at buying something, any kind of training material it's always best to do a search with that training package name and the word "scam" or the product name plus "reviews".

We know this is basic day one type of stuff but it's very important and all too often overlooked. You want to know the reputation of the person selling you the stuff and get any reviews from people who've bought and used it.

Start with social media marketing.

The first thing you have to understand is it's a completely different space than regular advertising formats. Most people would argue you shouldn't even do any marketing in this type of space because the people are there for socializing and to connect with friends.

This creates a unique challenge and absolutely demands a different type of marketing than the blatant advertisements you see in banner ads and on paper click campaigns like Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Network, and Bing AdCenter along with all the smaller PPC places.

The biggest thing in the social space is establishing your reputation and your personal brand. These people don't want to see a bunch of corporate sales pitches.

Allow your personality to emerge in your communications.

Some of the things you can do depending on the site is provide valuable content and information the people you want to connect with would be interested in.

So at the start you want to target and make friends with influencers in your market and start making friends with people interested in that topic. You can do this by searching groups which encompass your topic area and make friends with members of those groups obviously.

Once you have this down, you can start to ask some of your friends’ what information they are interested in and what's missing from the information which is out there and available to them.

Then, of course, you provide that information in multiple formats including text notes and article posts, audio podcast, and video trainings/how to video tutorials.

"it sounds like a lot of work".

It does take some upfront investment in order to get some returns out the back end.

You can think of the social media space as a bank. You have to put money in before you can take money out. When your bank account goes into a negative you have problems.

It is the same in the social media space in that you've got to give value and establish yourself and your brand before you can sell stuff and take money out.

So, start out giving good valuable information and encourage people to comment. Encourage them to ask you for more information and then when they do so you can send them a link to your sales letter.

This has gone over very well when agencies have used this tactic and it worked well for my many businesses who have used it. It works far better than just shoving a link in someone's face.

You follow these basics and you'll be well on your way to establishing a quality presence and getting valuable interaction and value exchange from your social media marketing efforts.

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